Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Wish..

Another year spend by,
Speck added to memoirs,
The similar sunrise, the set,
Over... over again.

Alas some sorry notes,
Bliss certain, somehow,
That's the mix so set,
To keep the scale focused.

The journey further on,
A trip to the new skies,
Yet to propose although,
Count me in, to hold thee...!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Mangroves danced,
Once so fluffily,
That air fragranced
My world around.

Lovely bird’s song,
Floated in this hazy sphere.
I was privileged,
To perceive that too.

I was full indeed,
That live was my ground,
With my sweet tots,
Where my happiness rebounds.

They groaned, they grown.
I did, what they said,
Even they did, what I yearned.
Life went so merrily!

Now the shift came,
“Fullness to empty”
They dashed free,
I am here with the dread.

Lot more to go,
Today no more soul-
-To keep me slow,
My quad kept spruced.
Sans footprints!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A.. B.. C..

A beautiful world
Below the sky,
Changing its way,
Disappearing away!
Each day, a theme,
Fixed ready, no check,
Gently you open,
However it may.
It’s your ride,
Just not anyhow,
Know your course,
Let that be your pay!
Many logs you tuck,
Never lose anyway,
Oh... no worries I say,
Please count on thy scores.
Quickly cover the days,
Reveal then your way,
Secret those others lay.
Throw away the cries,
Uncover your eyes,
Volunteer a smile,
With a fire on eyes,
X times to your cries,
Years then fly,
Zigzag to zenith!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I laugh, today I cry,
Unaccompanied by any.
I saved nothing, but pain,
Being alone; Arrows of loneliness.

Life once opened my way,
A beautiful way indeed,
But I missed, really missed,
Now I missed absolutely.

It gave me everything,
A darling wife,
Lovely kids,
Even a sound health.

What left now?
These four glassy walls,
A gush of frozen air,
A lovely blanket cover.

No more meadows,
No more woods,
Hardly any hum,
I am now freezing!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Excuse me,
Have a smile please!
Nobody is clicking,
Thought to share for a cause.

It carries a message,
A message of love,
For the crowd around,
Straight from the heart.

I know some,
Often they do,
I don't know why,
Alas they got locked.

A poor little babe,
Too smiled, quite a lot,
He felt tired, went to sleep
Being none attended.

Who cares these days?
In this non stop travel,
Quite busy,
The world is too busy!

My smile account is nil
Then how I will?
That's a genuine doubt,
Please wait, let me check!

Your account got locked,
For not using for long.
Can I reopen that for you?
Giving some from me.

Think for a while,
Let me know,
Are you that serious?
Or else, I will move on…!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Came from above,
A silver drop,
That wet the ground,
Dim hours pervade.

A rhyme and sip,
A perfect blend to pass,
This drizzly blues,
Thought, a man in the court.

A point to walk,
Holding her hands,
Soon he drifts,
This is by a loving soul.

Who is pouring from the top?
Gazed the little boy,
He started sailing,
Paper boats one at a time.

After long days,
The time to relax,
Thought our little sun,
Went ahead for a day sleep.

Who wrenched my nest?
Voiced the little dove,
She is fairly busy,
To carry her twigs away.

The falling drops,
Roving soul,
A darling walk,
Gazing thought,
A sleeping cause,
Quite busy pack...

Let it shower evermore!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Verse for thee

It’s like yesterday
All that we did,
Enjoyed the days
Hundred times more I do!

We fought at times,
All for silly, stupid reasons.
After so long, I realized,
You too, over a period.

I thank Her, also Him,
Because we are in through.
I am blessed for sure,
Till I quit from you.

My eyes all set to flow,
Not for any bitter cause,
But for missing thy laugh,
Far away from you today.

You are my light,
You are my life,
Count me dear…
I live for thee!


I dedicate this poem to my sweet brother Visakh(Kochi) and lovely cousin Manasa Narayan (Lolli)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I decided,
Here you go,
Revert any doubts.

Not exactly.
Trend seems odd,
Can we review?

What do you mean?
Look it again,
All goes well.

Take this view,
It’s for good,
No new cause in due.

All in a boat,
You stand out?
So objection denied.

Do the right,
I think, I am,
Hence spoke in need.

No more time,
Anything else,
Who is next?

You delayed,
I am denied,
Like one said,

Justice delayed is justice denied!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Oh… It’s getting darker again.
Not only today,
It started long ago. He said.

I reached,
I studied the trend.
It will continue.

Don’t sell your bold kit,
It will help you somewhere.
I tried it for long.

Where are you now?
Far better than before.
Ain’t it?

Go little more,
Soon you will reach.
I am sure.

Look around you.
Whose hand is empty?
Who has no reasons?

We have a big bag full!
A steep, a break and a slope,
Accept this truth.

Reasons to cry.
We forget the reasons to smile.
We cried, not smiled.

Yes; it may be difficult.
But you must try.
Learn to change.

This is for you,
It’s for me too,
For others if they wish.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Speed on tour to slow,
Then the stop.
Your turn will come,
Hence wait.

It’s all light,
Can’t abuse so,
Well you accept.

A minute to go,
To go in a minute.
Select the either,
Take a safe track.

The flashing lights,
Saving every lives.
Keep your eyes open,
For the mass and for thee.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Right to left,
Top to base,
A rule covered.

The rule was hard,
Can’t gear up,
So reviewed.

Tried shifting,
Its firm,
Now what’s next?

“Any loop holes?”
Not so far,
Called to look at.

My query is,
To roll these rules.
Let’s think over it again.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


They met,
Spoke for a while,
Deal seemed good,
Fixed then.

They asked to wear it,
She wore it,
Bit tight,
But not so.

Day, a month, and an year went,
It’s worsened,
She wanted to release at last.

The referee said to think,
Took an year or two,
He thought, she thought,
Nothing changed.

Now the deal cancelled
He moved north
She travelled south,
Life..., is bit odd nowadays.

Monday, March 21, 2011

At last

To love privately,
All time behave openly,
Do think commonly,
Give excuses continually,
And live splendidly.
This is my dream,
At last at this time…
Oh…! Leave that please,

I must think once more.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Words Outspoken,
Thoughts shattered,
Undivided, undecided.

Not meant to point,
Not sure too,
It’s unexpected.

My eyes began to drip,
Thoughts changed,
So with my path.

Sure…! You may be right,
I could be wrong,
But not always.

Monday, March 14, 2011


“You wake up”
Its morn tip, feel the chill.

Look at the sky,
The rising sun,
Enroute the light & freshness today.

Day is so sweet,
So said by many.
Unlock your road to success.

An option to show,
A round around.
Make thy passion strong & stay.

This run will do,
A beautiful pace,
All today for the season of bright.

Perceive the light,
Then you explore,
All across this beautiful world.

Awake, Arise,
Thou art of mind.
Do this for a cause, through your last

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She Quit

She who has lots to speak.
An hour ago,
When I went,
Her eyes just blinked twice.
It’s like she passed-
A message in a rush.
Then she locked,
No response flowed again!

‘A couple of minutes only’
The doctor said,
To go beyond that
Seems just imposs.
Take out that mask,
Let she breath her last
Rising beep, falling beats,
Then She Quit…

I hope now she sleeps well,
Don’t know how she feels.
I am sure, she will cope,
Now my prayers is
For her soul & sleep!
Oh… My dear you sleep.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Love…The rule of life,
Showed my way always,
It’s for all time in my lovely heart
To make my way set unique apart!

It came with a rush,
No resistance anywhere,
Shaky eyes with a stolen mind,
Bouncing my thoughts, all in a shot.

When eyes count way to sleep,
Difficult to pass the flash that fast,
Day is ahead for the usual turn with the dark,
Oh! Even the thoughts made me write so prompt!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thee Move On…!

I am weak, I can make out
But leave me alone…
Thee move on... I know my way!

Long ago, a Sunday morn,
When the clock said quarter to two,
Thy cry made me smile.

Days passed, grown you do,
My forties came,
The present late seventies too.

I am sure, I met my vow,
To make your pace comfort.
Now you know… Move on!

You showed the same door,
Which I opened for you,
Thats Ok... ! All set to go..

Don’t worry my dear,
Though my body is weak,
A stick will do, let me try !

Before I go, here a thing or two,
Clear that wooden box you made,
When I sat intense a year ago.

Not a choice, Its your duty,
I think that won’t do for your trip,
You are one feet, two inches tall to me.

Your son will do,
When you touch your sixties
Adieu my son... I know my way !

A year or two for my saturation,
You don’t follow my way,
Atleast thy life be good !

Friday, February 18, 2011


Life; a journey unforeseen!
No ways clear, not very sure.
Yet I walked, and went on.

An unexpected ride,
With unfolded thoughts,
Unnoticed all through.

It began all with hope,
But wrecked when it met fear.
He who made me fall down.

Now my clock ticks “Time Up”
But a little more to go and learn-
Art of converting will to win.

Not for fame, not to shine,
But to go on till the end.
Though unseen, uncovered!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I = You

All above the words, there is one,
Which mumble my days all around?
You are in me…
You are me!

A little shine comes to my window pane,
It lurks and wanders all around.
Says “wake up”
Slowly wake up!

Then drizzles soon the sky,
Trembles me gently not so deep.
You provide my warmth,
You are my warmth!

My days are full if you were around,
To hold me tight, and walk in my right.
Stay too close, and then we lock,
Walk so close my sweetie girl!

The days are here and you are near,
Lemme clear what my heart snare.
My world is for you,
Bcoz, I…Love…You!