Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Bangles

The Jingle and tinkle is lying on, 
Three little bangles,
Rambling all the way,
Emotion adds to day’s paddock.

The season went out, comes in,
It stands out more with time,
This day, it lay concrete so on,
Guiding the minds to the right.

May be on all sides it is small,
It never moved back,
Even in the dark shade,
Or in the deep summer.

“He” may call for to tap back,
Let vie be in a loop until,
The upshot is festive around,
Same round, and it is point one stone.

[dedicated to my ever loving friend, JT!!!! The poem is about the bangles in her hand. She is one more to her sixty. Deeply glad to work with a person like her, who always wear a moving smile in her face. She adds more color everyday to our relationship. Feels so Glad and happy to dedicate my humble gift in this early Thanks Giving season]

Friday, October 18, 2013


Who can connote a reason,
How does a color vary?
The views gathered poles apart,
Some is evidence for, 
And more unseen.

When the shift is meant for,
Dark to the light term,
People are more ardent,
The double joy,
The detriment what so many!

Time and again they were taught,
To take, as they like,
Easier said than done,
Be safe and sound,
Conceived notions so hard!

The change is artless,
The color may grow fainter,
The cloth in tatters,
You may well left out,
With a pin of “gobbledygook”

Sunday, September 29, 2013


‘Relation’ now is a feral term
No more bestow,
It’s a season of love,
Regards to times of yore!

You equip the love like the previous?
Then you may be in the walkway,
To the lovely history museum,
Where all are in the order.

‘Yes…!’  There may be visitors,
With the similar rounded eyes,
Sixty degree inclined to left,
With the dim-witted findings!

Somewhat missing the initial shine,
 The cock – crow time, half dressed,
Two fold or three times you give,
The fashion now is ‘un attend’!

The more you give, the more you wait,
And more you wait, more you think,
The more you think, more you sob,

More you sob, you will sob… that’s all!

Friday, August 9, 2013

The rhyme of “V” sign

Today when sun shined,
My way was more lit,
A lot changed, too our acts,
You not lone through this way!
We travelled the parallel way,
We don’t know each other,
But we met, and now,
We are in a line, so aligned
I am sure, we will glide,
Together ahead,
How the storm may comes,
And before the dark bounds,
We have to reach the crest
We will sail, and we will sail

We will fa├žade, the rhyme of “V” sign anyway!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


You abet their move forward,
No park, absolutely no cost,
Their calculations so astute,
You may be to the down road.

The winning shine, thumbs up,
The fellow Minds puff more,
For the self renown,
One hundred plus one bouquet.

The illness of selective amnesia,
To pass on the credit is an art,
Graduated by many around,
Beware the road is not smooth!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

An overdue

And when I turned up,
Abet that u pave,
I am so treasured,
And so same my way!
A six letters what so
It repays?
An overdue still,
For this life.
Your well wishes,
For a better day,
Where I like to stay,
So same, as I am!!!