Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Mangroves danced,
Once so fluffily,
That air fragranced
My world around.

Lovely bird’s song,
Floated in this hazy sphere.
I was privileged,
To perceive that too.

I was full indeed,
That live was my ground,
With my sweet tots,
Where my happiness rebounds.

They groaned, they grown.
I did, what they said,
Even they did, what I yearned.
Life went so merrily!

Now the shift came,
“Fullness to empty”
They dashed free,
I am here with the dread.

Lot more to go,
Today no more soul-
-To keep me slow,
My quad kept spruced.
Sans footprints!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A.. B.. C..

A beautiful world
Below the sky,
Changing its way,
Disappearing away!
Each day, a theme,
Fixed ready, no check,
Gently you open,
However it may.
It’s your ride,
Just not anyhow,
Know your course,
Let that be your pay!
Many logs you tuck,
Never lose anyway,
Oh... no worries I say,
Please count on thy scores.
Quickly cover the days,
Reveal then your way,
Secret those others lay.
Throw away the cries,
Uncover your eyes,
Volunteer a smile,
With a fire on eyes,
X times to your cries,
Years then fly,
Zigzag to zenith!