Monday, April 25, 2011

Verse for thee

It’s like yesterday
All that we did,
Enjoyed the days
Hundred times more I do!

We fought at times,
All for silly, stupid reasons.
After so long, I realized,
You too, over a period.

I thank Her, also Him,
Because we are in through.
I am blessed for sure,
Till I quit from you.

My eyes all set to flow,
Not for any bitter cause,
But for missing thy laugh,
Far away from you today.

You are my light,
You are my life,
Count me dear…
I live for thee!


I dedicate this poem to my sweet brother Visakh(Kochi) and lovely cousin Manasa Narayan (Lolli)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I decided,
Here you go,
Revert any doubts.

Not exactly.
Trend seems odd,
Can we review?

What do you mean?
Look it again,
All goes well.

Take this view,
It’s for good,
No new cause in due.

All in a boat,
You stand out?
So objection denied.

Do the right,
I think, I am,
Hence spoke in need.

No more time,
Anything else,
Who is next?

You delayed,
I am denied,
Like one said,

Justice delayed is justice denied!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Oh… It’s getting darker again.
Not only today,
It started long ago. He said.

I reached,
I studied the trend.
It will continue.

Don’t sell your bold kit,
It will help you somewhere.
I tried it for long.

Where are you now?
Far better than before.
Ain’t it?

Go little more,
Soon you will reach.
I am sure.

Look around you.
Whose hand is empty?
Who has no reasons?

We have a big bag full!
A steep, a break and a slope,
Accept this truth.

Reasons to cry.
We forget the reasons to smile.
We cried, not smiled.

Yes; it may be difficult.
But you must try.
Learn to change.

This is for you,
It’s for me too,
For others if they wish.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Speed on tour to slow,
Then the stop.
Your turn will come,
Hence wait.

It’s all light,
Can’t abuse so,
Well you accept.

A minute to go,
To go in a minute.
Select the either,
Take a safe track.

The flashing lights,
Saving every lives.
Keep your eyes open,
For the mass and for thee.