Friday, December 14, 2012

The july night

You counted the truth,
a simple walk, from the start
in His path, so determined
nigh on to the tops.
Thanks to the november,
which gifted the star,
a crack of a new dawn,
a great fortune indeed,
that is more in need,
in our merry shell.
His love, His mercy,
the lovely crystals,
you always deem more
- to the rubies or corals.
You too travelled the dark,
where no lovely meadows,
only shadows that mobs,
sans refuse, so certain.
Yet the July night,
carried the shine,
to rest in a flash.
What my sorry can do for thee?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

As it is

Who cares in this crowd?
No fair endeavor,
The world, so busy,
Thou shall train thyself.

The truth at the rear,
Nonetheless to write off,
'The supreme fate'
So eager, far and wide.

Born, in penury,
The careful steps,
The usual mount and rest,
Yet I voted, as it is.

In the darkness,
I guarded,
More for the trench,
Hence the clear road!

At times, I was in awe,
Of life's monkeyshines,
Singlehanded I fought,
A life sans comfort.

Yet, I will go on,
Better to go on,
As it is,
The way it is....!