Friday, February 11, 2011

I = You

All above the words, there is one,
Which mumble my days all around?
You are in me…
You are me!

A little shine comes to my window pane,
It lurks and wanders all around.
Says “wake up”
Slowly wake up!

Then drizzles soon the sky,
Trembles me gently not so deep.
You provide my warmth,
You are my warmth!

My days are full if you were around,
To hold me tight, and walk in my right.
Stay too close, and then we lock,
Walk so close my sweetie girl!

The days are here and you are near,
Lemme clear what my heart snare.
My world is for you,
Bcoz, I…Love…You!


  1. Aww.. this is really very sweet, Pranavam...
    Love makes everything seem beautiful..doesn't it? :)

  2. beautiful... i just love even the idea of love. lovely poem!

  3. Totally stealing this. Also there's something in my eye.

  4. good thought and poetic lines. keep your efforts in this way.. wishes to you

  5. Such a thoughtful,gentle,loving poem!