Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I laugh, today I cry,
Unaccompanied by any.
I saved nothing, but pain,
Being alone; Arrows of loneliness.

Life once opened my way,
A beautiful way indeed,
But I missed, really missed,
Now I missed absolutely.

It gave me everything,
A darling wife,
Lovely kids,
Even a sound health.

What left now?
These four glassy walls,
A gush of frozen air,
A lovely blanket cover.

No more meadows,
No more woods,
Hardly any hum,
I am now freezing!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Excuse me,
Have a smile please!
Nobody is clicking,
Thought to share for a cause.

It carries a message,
A message of love,
For the crowd around,
Straight from the heart.

I know some,
Often they do,
I don't know why,
Alas they got locked.

A poor little babe,
Too smiled, quite a lot,
He felt tired, went to sleep
Being none attended.

Who cares these days?
In this non stop travel,
Quite busy,
The world is too busy!

My smile account is nil
Then how I will?
That's a genuine doubt,
Please wait, let me check!

Your account got locked,
For not using for long.
Can I reopen that for you?
Giving some from me.

Think for a while,
Let me know,
Are you that serious?
Or else, I will move on…!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Came from above,
A silver drop,
That wet the ground,
Dim hours pervade.

A rhyme and sip,
A perfect blend to pass,
This drizzly blues,
Thought, a man in the court.

A point to walk,
Holding her hands,
Soon he drifts,
This is by a loving soul.

Who is pouring from the top?
Gazed the little boy,
He started sailing,
Paper boats one at a time.

After long days,
The time to relax,
Thought our little sun,
Went ahead for a day sleep.

Who wrenched my nest?
Voiced the little dove,
She is fairly busy,
To carry her twigs away.

The falling drops,
Roving soul,
A darling walk,
Gazing thought,
A sleeping cause,
Quite busy pack...

Let it shower evermore!!!