Thursday, November 3, 2016


The spell of moments,
The lovely showers,
In me, deep in me,
You sowed,
A lovely song
With elite notes,
Which halos in
My life’s stage!

“That shot…!” With that open smile,
A sign of welcome call for a life.
When I fell more for you,
You are already in my semi part!

I adore at your mum!
An inventive spectacle of your in,
Many a times, you are silent,
Even when I drive to madness!

You gifted me the best,
Now that it’s a sweet tot,
An apple kid,
Sunshine at my dark,
She passes a smile
A facsimile of thy’s,
A Twinkling star,
Of my life’s age!

What in bits and pieces?
Of land, or gold,
Or the laughing notes,
May these moments be mine,
At my odds and even,
Let it illumine the right,
Right in me, every time!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Every rain,
Brings a fairy-tale
Be it in the dark
Or at deep light,
The rhythms at reminiscences,...
When it pro to –
-the chillness at heart.

A short time,
At my adolescence,
The ease of joy
In every walk,
The toddle between the hearts,
At the lanes,
The wintry soaks!

It took long,
To pass the notes,
Re written many a times,
With the falling drops
From the heights,
But the moment posted
A goodbye then!

When sun signs in,
The bright amber,
Bidding no hopes for rainbow,
Now at least,
With the moving clouds,
Let you be informed,
I loved you for all time!


Naive not, stop shedding eyes. ...
Next month is June, Oh Juno!
You, the sovereign of decree,
Tendering the water shed,
Back to the life, more often.

Your Rains, it’s not just wet,
“Divine nature’s darling drops”
With richness and blooms,
No signs of sickness besides.
The lovely rose’s blossoms,
Though the thorns to harm,
Reminded the life mixture,
Naïve not, stop shedding eyes.
“Milestone” you are, so created,
To ease the send-off the yoke,
The first half ceases to break,
The peak is so far, endure the sail!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Let you wow the blows,

To the half extended arms,

That pretends the earnest,

‘Civility’ that’s impulsive!

The paper and a pen,

The tools in their box,

They called it ‘power’,

The elementary geometric sense!

The quintuplet miracle,

Thy “E D U C A T I O N”

A wisdom differentiator,

Takes the ladder up to the heights.

The black horses in your way,

The postmen of these days,

Who carries the oral notes,

The modern shakespeare(s)!

The bribe heard is just cash,

For the favors and promises,

That in the olden days,

At the public offices I know;

Now to sermonize thy crown,

Which only some learned to do,

The water flows from the heights

A service yes, preferred in the scene.

You dared, not cared,

The intricacy to the most,

Thee, a true differentiator,

More to go, more to show!


“I”, the oath begins this way,

I meant absolutely,

No politics these days,

No policies to change,

But leaving a melancholy

A go in one shot!


The pin prick is expected,

Hidden to the chairs,

Permission granted for -

- Those foul intelligence.

The legacy is not preached,

But the legend for all time!


Change is inevitable,

But the question is who?

For them, to surrender is,

Great act of a cowardice,

Nagging burns extra pounds,

Acceptance means no cost!


A sigh, the need of hour,

Fake smile carries you,

The next thousand miles,

Thy bread or the tread,

That’s your pick anyway,

Ethics to sabbatical; well accepted.


I was born, full-grown,
The lullaby to the labor,
Your posted encouragements,
‘The partner and parent turn’

I never discern easy to -,
- The life’s quick move on
The hidden realism,
Which I felt at your arms.

My life began looking at
Your round lovely face,
Mulling over my future,
Even passing the dire nights!

You stopped at three plus one,
That’s not your err, but thy state
But you, gifted me the academe!
This is driving my inner bus.

You understood my dumbness,
Lilting the melody of care,
You vowed my every walk,
“Marvel” you are a moving shine.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Inner Cat

Chains are pulled straight,
Burry the tome of fear!
Long wait brings gratis,...
Thee venture thy effort!

The cry or the laugh at times,
The old barter system,
All we believed rightly,
One for one, without a whine.

Who is with no delay this day?
Only the time which ticks,
A melancholy of a trice,
Without a relay, short lived!

No nights are dark forever,
There are days sans brightness,
East to the west, the dogged norms,
A prose or the poem for years!

“Hope” the clutch of straw,
“Aspire”, the road of hope,
“Dream” drive of aspiration,
Don’t kill the inner cat!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Years leave behind the dreams,
Filled or half filled even so,
Elucidate thy resolutions,
The to-do list never ends.

The moment, this time counts,
Possibilities from the odds,
Far away from home, a few
Expects the preordain effects.

Let this be a prayer song,
For those in the sickbay,
Or in the last cradle swing,
Wishing them some more years!

Those in the roadway, regrets,
For the same shine and rain,
Let this year brings the most,
Opulence to their hearts.

The solitary army men,
In the pinnacle war earth,
Shielding the mother land,
Please… no poverty to bravery!

Lovely wishes for those folks,
With the feet lock not asked for,
The day and night seems to be,
More Concordant to each other.

The road to the hope never ends,
Let us continue the share of merry
To the unattended, to the less known
Spring promises always better sets!