Sunday, June 10, 2018

Thanks Again

The cakes and merry candles,
Sans prospects to celebrate
The events of life, with a smile,
 Though acknowledged,
But the bordered paucity!

Thanks to the mighty power,
Even at the scarcest,
Made the equations,
Tally on both sides, with no crunch,
Ensured the safe corridor!

Obedience learnt from a royal,
Passion learnt from a mother,
Commitment learnt from a labor,
Love taught by a spouse,
And the learning goes on!

Standing in the middles of age,
Equally bounded by buddies,
Wishes taking to the heights,
 Many more blessings to sustain,
 Through the odds always!

Time goes, not the learning’s,
Shine goes, not the spirit,
The fame goes, no defeat,
The inner core is strong,
What may get surrounds!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017



When the thoughts are to lend hands,
To the dispossessed,
Who were shoved
By the next of kin, or the next at seat,
If the thoughts are quick,
And the steps are dominant,
New life is justly delivered
Here renaissance is to the free will!

And when the  will is not counted,
From the commands or connections,
Not through many sacrifices,
Or to sum up richness at wrongs,
The step is to light for kindness,
To the ones, who still counts at dark.
Many years, in a stretch
Sans any painful notes on contingence.

Today when seven decades marked,
For the freedom and free move,
Thee require great salute for every acts,
Proving inter dependence to even
Post independence, to lead us
To the greater heights of humility,
Giving good reasons to this life, to live
And learn better, better than before,
For your people around !

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

At the Burial Ground

The thoughtful remembrance,
Back to the past,
The shock or sorrow,
No dreams ever brought,
This fallacy at life,
In this state of arcane,
How tears may change any state?

When you are locked tightly,
At the centre of logs,
I felt the equal discomfort,
To say no to the proceeds.
Calling the past trends,
Bidding adieu to the corpse,
Fire not to the memories or
The moment of love!

When surrendered to the flames,
I was in a query,
How to pass the pain road,
To console the near ones,
To whom you laughed,
From the heart keenly,
With the hurting pain,
At your extended hours!

You are at the peace cradle,
That's for sure,
From the pains of therapy,
Shuttling  house and hospital,
Isolations at the dark.
Void or greater wisdom,
Whatever you left,
I miss you every instant
Though unwilling, but

Signature to the painful truth

Sunday, January 15, 2017


You beseech for a reason,
No cry for the comfort,
Not any soul stands by,
Who is the savior than Him?
Who dare for you?
Even for a trial play!

You add up at night time,
The collected coins,
No super plan to work on,
For your round tummy,
Little bread and water,
To sway off thy famine.

When the empty hand joins,
 The bad fate for the sum,
Your equation of life!
A paper crown,
The long body clothes,
No protected walls around,
You stay at your will.

But there are bad crumbs,
At more hearts around,
Like you, many more pray
For better scores at life,
Poorest of poor consistently
At their psychic rest.

Some sigh more, unnoticed,
For the lovely care,
No happy to share,
At the extinct obedience,
Only the hopes spare,
The rest of the show!

Who is the real beggar,
In this life’s vessel?

Thursday, November 3, 2016


The spell of moments,
The lovely showers,
In me, deep in me,
You sowed,
A lovely song
With elite notes,
Which halos in
My life’s stage!

“That shot…!” With that open smile,
A sign of welcome call for a life.
When I fell more for you,
You are already in my semi part!

I adore at your mum!
An inventive spectacle of your in,
Many a times, you are silent,
Even when I drive to madness!

You gifted me the best,
Now that it’s a sweet tot,
An apple kid,
Sunshine at my dark,
She passes a smile
A facsimile of thy’s,
A Twinkling star,
Of my life’s age!

What in bits and pieces?
Of land, or gold,
Or the laughing notes,
May these moments be mine,
At my odds and even,
Let it illumine the right,
Right in me, every time!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Every rain,
Brings a fairy-tale
Be it in the dark
Or at deep light,
The rhythms at reminiscences,...
When it pro to –
-the chillness at heart.

A short time,
At my adolescence,
The ease of joy
In every walk,
The toddle between the hearts,
At the lanes,
The wintry soaks!

It took long,
To pass the notes,
Re written many a times,
With the falling drops
From the heights,
But the moment posted
A goodbye then!

When sun signs in,
The bright amber,
Bidding no hopes for rainbow,
Now at least,
With the moving clouds,
Let you be informed,
I loved you for all time!


Naive not, stop shedding eyes. ...
Next month is June, Oh Juno!
You, the sovereign of decree,
Tendering the water shed,
Back to the life, more often.

Your Rains, it’s not just wet,
“Divine nature’s darling drops”
With richness and blooms,
No signs of sickness besides.
The lovely rose’s blossoms,
Though the thorns to harm,
Reminded the life mixture,
Naïve not, stop shedding eyes.
“Milestone” you are, so created,
To ease the send-off the yoke,
The first half ceases to break,
The peak is so far, endure the sail!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Let you wow the blows,

To the half extended arms,

That pretends the earnest,

‘Civility’ that’s impulsive!

The paper and a pen,

The tools in their box,

They called it ‘power’,

The elementary geometric sense!

The quintuplet miracle,

Thy “E D U C A T I O N”

A wisdom differentiator,

Takes the ladder up to the heights.

The black horses in your way,

The postmen of these days,

Who carries the oral notes,

The modern shakespeare(s)!

The bribe heard is just cash,

For the favors and promises,

That in the olden days,

At the public offices I know;

Now to sermonize thy crown,

Which only some learned to do,

The water flows from the heights

A service yes, preferred in the scene.

You dared, not cared,

The intricacy to the most,

Thee, a true differentiator,

More to go, more to show!


“I”, the oath begins this way,

I meant absolutely,

No politics these days,

No policies to change,

But leaving a melancholy

A go in one shot!


The pin prick is expected,

Hidden to the chairs,

Permission granted for -

- Those foul intelligence.

The legacy is not preached,

But the legend for all time!


Change is inevitable,

But the question is who?

For them, to surrender is,

Great act of a cowardice,

Nagging burns extra pounds,

Acceptance means no cost!


A sigh, the need of hour,

Fake smile carries you,

The next thousand miles,

Thy bread or the tread,

That’s your pick anyway,

Ethics to sabbatical; well accepted.


I was born, full-grown,
The lullaby to the labor,
Your posted encouragements,
‘The partner and parent turn’

I never discern easy to -,
- The life’s quick move on
The hidden realism,
Which I felt at your arms.

My life began looking at
Your round lovely face,
Mulling over my future,
Even passing the dire nights!

You stopped at three plus one,
That’s not your err, but thy state
But you, gifted me the academe!
This is driving my inner bus.

You understood my dumbness,
Lilting the melody of care,
You vowed my every walk,
“Marvel” you are a moving shine.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Inner Cat

Chains are pulled straight,
Burry the tome of fear!
Long wait brings gratis,...
Thee venture thy effort!

The cry or the laugh at times,
The old barter system,
All we believed rightly,
One for one, without a whine.

Who is with no delay this day?
Only the time which ticks,
A melancholy of a trice,
Without a relay, short lived!

No nights are dark forever,
There are days sans brightness,
East to the west, the dogged norms,
A prose or the poem for years!

“Hope” the clutch of straw,
“Aspire”, the road of hope,
“Dream” drive of aspiration,
Don’t kill the inner cat!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Years leave behind the dreams,
Filled or half filled even so,
Elucidate thy resolutions,
The to-do list never ends.

The moment, this time counts,
Possibilities from the odds,
Far away from home, a few
Expects the preordain effects.

Let this be a prayer song,
For those in the sickbay,
Or in the last cradle swing,
Wishing them some more years!

Those in the roadway, regrets,
For the same shine and rain,
Let this year brings the most,
Opulence to their hearts.

The solitary army men,
In the pinnacle war earth,
Shielding the mother land,
Please… no poverty to bravery!

Lovely wishes for those folks,
With the feet lock not asked for,
The day and night seems to be,
More Concordant to each other.

The road to the hope never ends,
Let us continue the share of merry
To the unattended, to the less known
Spring promises always better sets!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The Three lines a triangle,
Four lines join to a quadrangle,
They taught me at the school,
The basic so called the maths!

In the divisions ahead,
I learned to appropriate by self,
The life’s geometric disciplines,
Both the angle of acute and obtuse.

In the broadened horizon,
I take double the breath,
With the solids, its mensuration,
Easier said than done before!

Some are the critical spheres,
There are sharp cones,
And some fluttering rhombus,
Round circles big and small.

I must go back at this point,
With the geometric tools,
To learn the basics once more,

For the better solid forms!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

'He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?

'He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?
It composes a logical sense,
With moments and movements;
Every day at the shine,
When I surpass that bridge,
My mind judges,
Who is auspicious to receive
An ovation of the mass!
‘He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?

The rolling four wheels,
Her bread for the day end,
She poses sobbing eyes,
Mirror of her yester years,
Out of the four wheels,
The one is puncher!
But she prefer moving ahead,
With a great zeal towards destiny!
Now ‘He’ tows bit direr look,
Staring through the glass windows,
Which his Dr Son gifted,
His look, for a better light,
From the trenches of darkness,
In the restricted walk area,
His pretence of laugh,
Convey the messages of tomorrow!
The third one, the tree,
Passed her eighty autumns,
In the favorite yellows,
Parasol of thousands who passes,
Waiting for her death approval,
The civic bodies claims,
Her old age, as a danger,
Signs our self beware of getting old...!
‘He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

An one more 'plus'

When I put cantos in a note,
Year on year to greet the dear
A ball more to the age case,
With a note, you are grown old by one.

Days of yore covered a series,
From munching the chockies,
The lovely dawdle time,
Now the vim and vigor!

A crack of dawn and the sun down,
The clock ticks twenty four rings,
Ups and down; either at a time
The merry moments and the torments!

Now when the one more plus one
To the traveled skies,
I wish a shift to a new height,
Good to better and to the best!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Me & Mine

On a day light moment,
I penned first,
My nine letter name in cursive,
When somebody asked to concur.

The art of the flow,
Round aloft, in a sequence,
I was in my rose time then,
With the gifted ones sans a cry!
Began a novel paradise,
I remained as an introvert,
A rose in my hand, heartfelt,
The accord not made any grade!
Remorse overshadowed the reactions,
Mulling over my family unit,
To whom I owe much,
I traveled north, for the bread.
The stay for a while discern,
The true part of mine,
Where I have signed,
For two years and a half term.
The second innings launched,
With the bank and the accounts,
Unlocked a wide range,
Who steered me to the true right.
And then the wedded life,
On a valentine season,
The knot was truly strong,
To show the light and the right!
Now rehearsing to cursive,
In a fortnight, I feel,
I am near to the doll’s house
To greet my little tot a welcome!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Bangles

The Jingle and tinkle is lying on, 
Three little bangles,
Rambling all the way,
Emotion adds to day’s paddock.

The season went out, comes in,
It stands out more with time,
This day, it lay concrete so on,
Guiding the minds to the right.

May be on all sides it is small,
It never moved back,
Even in the dark shade,
Or in the deep summer.

“He” may call for to tap back,
Let vie be in a loop until,
The upshot is festive around,
Same round, and it is point one stone.

[dedicated to my ever loving friend, JT!!!! The poem is about the bangles in her hand. She is one more to her sixty. Deeply glad to work with a person like her, who always wear a moving smile in her face. She adds more color everyday to our relationship. Feels so Glad and happy to dedicate my humble gift in this early Thanks Giving season]

Friday, October 18, 2013


Who can connote a reason,
How does a color vary?
The views gathered poles apart,
Some is evidence for, 
And more unseen.

When the shift is meant for,
Dark to the light term,
People are more ardent,
The double joy,
The detriment what so many!

Time and again they were taught,
To take, as they like,
Easier said than done,
Be safe and sound,
Conceived notions so hard!

The change is artless,
The color may grow fainter,
The cloth in tatters,
You may well left out,
With a pin of “gobbledygook”