Monday, February 28, 2011


Love…The rule of life,
Showed my way always,
It’s for all time in my lovely heart
To make my way set unique apart!

It came with a rush,
No resistance anywhere,
Shaky eyes with a stolen mind,
Bouncing my thoughts, all in a shot.

When eyes count way to sleep,
Difficult to pass the flash that fast,
Day is ahead for the usual turn with the dark,
Oh! Even the thoughts made me write so prompt!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thee Move On…!

I am weak, I can make out
But leave me alone…
Thee move on... I know my way!

Long ago, a Sunday morn,
When the clock said quarter to two,
Thy cry made me smile.

Days passed, grown you do,
My forties came,
The present late seventies too.

I am sure, I met my vow,
To make your pace comfort.
Now you know… Move on!

You showed the same door,
Which I opened for you,
Thats Ok... ! All set to go..

Don’t worry my dear,
Though my body is weak,
A stick will do, let me try !

Before I go, here a thing or two,
Clear that wooden box you made,
When I sat intense a year ago.

Not a choice, Its your duty,
I think that won’t do for your trip,
You are one feet, two inches tall to me.

Your son will do,
When you touch your sixties
Adieu my son... I know my way !

A year or two for my saturation,
You don’t follow my way,
Atleast thy life be good !

Friday, February 18, 2011


Life; a journey unforeseen!
No ways clear, not very sure.
Yet I walked, and went on.

An unexpected ride,
With unfolded thoughts,
Unnoticed all through.

It began all with hope,
But wrecked when it met fear.
He who made me fall down.

Now my clock ticks “Time Up”
But a little more to go and learn-
Art of converting will to win.

Not for fame, not to shine,
But to go on till the end.
Though unseen, uncovered!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I = You

All above the words, there is one,
Which mumble my days all around?
You are in me…
You are me!

A little shine comes to my window pane,
It lurks and wanders all around.
Says “wake up”
Slowly wake up!

Then drizzles soon the sky,
Trembles me gently not so deep.
You provide my warmth,
You are my warmth!

My days are full if you were around,
To hold me tight, and walk in my right.
Stay too close, and then we lock,
Walk so close my sweetie girl!

The days are here and you are near,
Lemme clear what my heart snare.
My world is for you,
Bcoz, I…Love…You!