Saturday, August 6, 2016


Every rain,
Brings a fairy-tale
Be it in the dark
Or at deep light,
The rhythms at reminiscences,...
When it pro to –
-the chillness at heart.

A short time,
At my adolescence,
The ease of joy
In every walk,
The toddle between the hearts,
At the lanes,
The wintry soaks!

It took long,
To pass the notes,
Re written many a times,
With the falling drops
From the heights,
But the moment posted
A goodbye then!

When sun signs in,
The bright amber,
Bidding no hopes for rainbow,
Now at least,
With the moving clouds,
Let you be informed,
I loved you for all time!


Naive not, stop shedding eyes. ...
Next month is June, Oh Juno!
You, the sovereign of decree,
Tendering the water shed,
Back to the life, more often.

Your Rains, it’s not just wet,
“Divine nature’s darling drops”
With richness and blooms,
No signs of sickness besides.
The lovely rose’s blossoms,
Though the thorns to harm,
Reminded the life mixture,
Naïve not, stop shedding eyes.
“Milestone” you are, so created,
To ease the send-off the yoke,
The first half ceases to break,
The peak is so far, endure the sail!