Monday, July 11, 2011

A.. B.. C..

A beautiful world
Below the sky,
Changing its way,
Disappearing away!
Each day, a theme,
Fixed ready, no check,
Gently you open,
However it may.
It’s your ride,
Just not anyhow,
Know your course,
Let that be your pay!
Many logs you tuck,
Never lose anyway,
Oh... no worries I say,
Please count on thy scores.
Quickly cover the days,
Reveal then your way,
Secret those others lay.
Throw away the cries,
Uncover your eyes,
Volunteer a smile,
With a fire on eyes,
X times to your cries,
Years then fly,
Zigzag to zenith!


  1. Really a good creation.. it shows your wittiness.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and making me land here.
    Keep writing !!

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Wonderful post. Very beautifully written with the Alphabets.

  3. creatively great :)

    Weakest LINK

  4. A very optimistic and energizing alphabet!

  5. smiles. love the optimism and the play on the alphabet....

  6. Very very nice poem... I liked the phrase "Volunteer a Smile"... They say that a smile to another person is better than anything else we can offer... AND--it's so simple to do!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ah, so nice!
    This made me smile :)

  8. Thats some creativity for the alphabets. I cant get beyond A for Apple and B for Ball :-P

  9. Very creative!
    My favorite is "Volunteer a smile". A smile can bring so much happiness not only to the one smiling, but also to the one being smiled at.

    Nicely done & thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Good, creative, informative and natural style of writing the poem.

    The usage of alpabetical order is quite inspiring.

    keep it up the good work friend

  11. Namaste......
    creatively written.....

  12. thats a fascinating creation...

  13. nice!alphabetical poem is new and creative...

  14. Thank you to my We Write Poems offering. I enjoy many poetic challenges - but have yet to write and Alphabet acrostic. Nicely done.

    I enjoyed some of your other verses too - back reading up to this piece. I am sure it is challenging writing in different languages - I only really know American English. I have much admiration for those who know and can write in more than one language.

    While we all are so very different we are all similar in our love for writing and conveying our thoughts.
    Thank you for your visit. Perhaps we will 'meet' again.

    Until then, Blessings.