Thursday, March 24, 2011


They met,
Spoke for a while,
Deal seemed good,
Fixed then.

They asked to wear it,
She wore it,
Bit tight,
But not so.

Day, a month, and an year went,
It’s worsened,
She wanted to release at last.

The referee said to think,
Took an year or two,
He thought, she thought,
Nothing changed.

Now the deal cancelled
He moved north
She travelled south,
Life..., is bit odd nowadays.


  1. it is strange days in which we live...where promises last but the moments in which they are made...

  2. Just a deal? That was the problem. It had to be a commitment.

  3. There's a lot of that here in Canada...sad isn't it that it means so little anymore.

  4. This lifestyle is happening more and more, commitment means nothing to so many in the world today.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog today.

  5. Nothing lasts in today's times.

  6. I have many a friends who have this 'attitdue' about commitment. They are always looking/expecting something better. Instead of working on what they have or could have. So sad!

    This poem is so good. Even without the word 'commitment' we all knew what you were talking about. You are a very talented poet! :-)

  7. I agree with the today's times it seems as if committment no longer exists. Very nicely written.

  8. i loved it. Its so simply expressed yet so complicated. Thank u for visiting my blog :)