Thursday, November 3, 2016


The spell of moments,
The lovely showers,
In me, deep in me,
You sowed,
A lovely song
With elite notes,
Which halos in
My life’s stage!

“That shot…!” With that open smile,
A sign of welcome call for a life.
When I fell more for you,
You are already in my semi part!

I adore at your mum!
An inventive spectacle of your in,
Many a times, you are silent,
Even when I drive to madness!

You gifted me the best,
Now that it’s a sweet tot,
An apple kid,
Sunshine at my dark,
She passes a smile
A facsimile of thy’s,
A Twinkling star,
Of my life’s age!

What in bits and pieces?
Of land, or gold,
Or the laughing notes,
May these moments be mine,
At my odds and even,
Let it illumine the right,
Right in me, every time!!!

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