Sunday, December 28, 2014

Me & Mine

On a day light moment,
I penned first,
My nine letter name in cursive,
When somebody asked to concur.

The art of the flow,
Round aloft, in a sequence,
I was in my rose time then,
With the gifted ones sans a cry!
Began a novel paradise,
I remained as an introvert,
A rose in my hand, heartfelt,
The accord not made any grade!
Remorse overshadowed the reactions,
Mulling over my family unit,
To whom I owe much,
I traveled north, for the bread.
The stay for a while discern,
The true part of mine,
Where I have signed,
For two years and a half term.
The second innings launched,
With the bank and the accounts,
Unlocked a wide range,
Who steered me to the true right.
And then the wedded life,
On a valentine season,
The knot was truly strong,
To show the light and the right!
Now rehearsing to cursive,
In a fortnight, I feel,
I am near to the doll’s house
To greet my little tot a welcome!

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