Sunday, June 14, 2015

'He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?

'He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?
It composes a logical sense,
With moments and movements;
Every day at the shine,
When I surpass that bridge,
My mind judges,
Who is auspicious to receive
An ovation of the mass!
‘He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?

The rolling four wheels,
Her bread for the day end,
She poses sobbing eyes,
Mirror of her yester years,
Out of the four wheels,
The one is puncher!
But she prefer moving ahead,
With a great zeal towards destiny!
Now ‘He’ tows bit direr look,
Staring through the glass windows,
Which his Dr Son gifted,
His look, for a better light,
From the trenches of darkness,
In the restricted walk area,
His pretence of laugh,
Convey the messages of tomorrow!
The third one, the tree,
Passed her eighty autumns,
In the favorite yellows,
Parasol of thousands who passes,
Waiting for her death approval,
The civic bodies claims,
Her old age, as a danger,
Signs our self beware of getting old...!
‘He’, ‘She’, or ‘the tree’?

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