Sunday, January 15, 2017


You beseech for a reason,
No cry for the comfort,
Not any soul stands by,
Who is the savior than Him?
Who dare for you?
Even for a trial play!

You add up at night time,
The collected coins,
No super plan to work on,
For your round tummy,
Little bread and water,
To sway off thy famine.

When the empty hand joins,
 The bad fate for the sum,
Your equation of life!
A paper crown,
The long body clothes,
No protected walls around,
You stay at your will.

But there are bad crumbs,
At more hearts around,
Like you, many more pray
For better scores at life,
Poorest of poor consistently
At their psychic rest.

Some sigh more, unnoticed,
For the lovely care,
No happy to share,
At the extinct obedience,
Only the hopes spare,
The rest of the show!

Who is the real beggar,
In this life’s vessel?

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