Saturday, January 2, 2016


Years leave behind the dreams,
Filled or half filled even so,
Elucidate thy resolutions,
The to-do list never ends.

The moment, this time counts,
Possibilities from the odds,
Far away from home, a few
Expects the preordain effects.

Let this be a prayer song,
For those in the sickbay,
Or in the last cradle swing,
Wishing them some more years!

Those in the roadway, regrets,
For the same shine and rain,
Let this year brings the most,
Opulence to their hearts.

The solitary army men,
In the pinnacle war earth,
Shielding the mother land,
Please… no poverty to bravery!

Lovely wishes for those folks,
With the feet lock not asked for,
The day and night seems to be,
More Concordant to each other.

The road to the hope never ends,
Let us continue the share of merry
To the unattended, to the less known
Spring promises always better sets!

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