Friday, September 15, 2017



When the thoughts are to lend hands,
To the dispossessed,
Who were shoved
By the next of kin, or the next at seat,
If the thoughts are quick,
And the steps are dominant,
New life is justly delivered
Here renaissance is to the free will!

And when the  will is not counted,
From the commands or connections,
Not through many sacrifices,
Or to sum up richness at wrongs,
The step is to light for kindness,
To the ones, who still counts at dark.
Many years, in a stretch
Sans any painful notes on contingence.

Today when seven decades marked,
For the freedom and free move,
Thee require great salute for every acts,
Proving inter dependence to even
Post independence, to lead us
To the greater heights of humility,
Giving good reasons to this life, to live
And learn better, better than before,
For your people around !

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