Friday, August 9, 2013

The rhyme of “V” sign

Today when sun shined,
My way was more lit,
A lot changed, too our acts,
You not lone through this way!
We travelled the parallel way,
We don’t know each other,
But we met, and now,
We are in a line, so aligned
I am sure, we will glide,
Together ahead,
How the storm may comes,
And before the dark bounds,
We have to reach the crest
We will sail, and we will sail

We will façade, the rhyme of “V” sign anyway!


  1. Very nice, Kochuravi. Two people never know when their paths might cross or instead just run side by side.

  2. This is very nice! So true too. Peoples paths do cross for a reason, even if they dont know each other.

  3. Facing challenges together makes life wonderful.