Friday, October 18, 2013


Who can connote a reason,
How does a color vary?
The views gathered poles apart,
Some is evidence for, 
And more unseen.

When the shift is meant for,
Dark to the light term,
People are more ardent,
The double joy,
The detriment what so many!

Time and again they were taught,
To take, as they like,
Easier said than done,
Be safe and sound,
Conceived notions so hard!

The change is artless,
The color may grow fainter,
The cloth in tatters,
You may well left out,
With a pin of “gobbledygook”


  1. Interesting poem, Kochuravi. I love colors and how they shift from dark to light and how there are so many variations within each shade. Everything in life is kind of on a spectrum like that too.

  2. To be artless is to be bland indeed! Art is so important in this world. It's a creative way to express yourself.
    Colors are so interesting also, dark to light and everything in between, then from light back to dark again. Colors and art are ever changing just like people.
    Have a great day:)!

  3. hey good to see is def important, though at times i think we fail to see the art of it all...the master touches in the every day...

  4. Great poem, is often easier said than done!

  5. thank you for stopping by. may your colors be bright. :)

  6. The colors of my day paint the patchwork of my heart.

    Interesting poem.
    Thank for the nice comment on my poem.