Thursday, March 1, 2012

As it is

Who cares in this crowd?
No fair endeavor,
The world, so busy,
Thou shall train thyself.

The truth at the rear,
Nonetheless to write off,
'The supreme fate'
So eager, far and wide.

Born, in penury,
The careful steps,
The usual mount and rest,
Yet I voted, as it is.

In the darkness,
I guarded,
More for the trench,
Hence the clear road!

At times, I was in awe,
Of life's monkeyshines,
Singlehanded I fought,
A life sans comfort.

Yet, I will go on,
Better to go on,
As it is,
The way it is....!


  1. Hi Kochuravi. Interesting poem. Accepting things the way they are and knowing what you can change and what you can't change is one of the keys to happiness, I think. I like the last two stanzas the best. :)

  2. a very classical feel to this...very nicely done...carry on for sure...smiles.

  3. Hello Pranavam !!
    thanks 4 visiting my space and giving me the opportunity to land here :)

    Lovely blog u have
    loved your expressions in above lines.

    Hope to c u more often !!

  4. Hello.
    As long as there's that glimmer of hope, one must indeed carry on.
    Somber but nicely done.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Oh Love

  5. Very nice! sounds like you had an epiphany. Keep sharing, please!